Benefits of NISP

Environmental Improvements

NISP® can increase resource use efficiency; lower the amount of waste going to landfill; reduce emissions of a variety of pollutants; etc.

Waste Reduction & Diversion

IS relationships can link waste from one process to become a feedstock for another. IS can result in virgin materials being substituted by “wastes”, and instead see the latter transformed into valuable products.

Strengthens Competitiveness

IS reduces business costs, diversifies revenue streams, and fosters innovation. In the UK, 20% of all implemented opportunities involved innovation.

Job Creation

NISP® can help to create and safeguard jobs by strengthening businesses’ competitiveness and financial positions, and by generating new business opportunities eg, (for a new business to form around transforming a by-product).

Build Skills & Capacity

NISP® workshops promote knowledge exchange and business-to-business mentoring. SME(Smart Manufacturing Experience) capacity in waste and energy management, business case development, development and commercialization of clean technologies and products.

Low Carbon Circular Economy

NISP® is recognized internationally by organizations such as the EU, Global Green Growth Forum, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development as a key platform for advancing a circular, low carbon economy.